Sunday, May 17, 2009

Siew Yoke Recipe


Hahahaha... today "Auntie Michelle" is gonna teach you guys the ultimate way to a crispy and crunchy siew yoke. Despite the swine flu and so on ... stupid lar, swine flu is Influenza H1N1 lar, is human-human transmission lar not caused by eating pork lar!!!

Siew Yoke is "burn meat" in Cantonese, but the taste of this dish is not the way the name sounds, it is absolutely fascinating.

Siew Yoke Recipe adapted from various internet recipe website

1) Go to the market and choose a nice piece of fatty 3 layered pork. 3 layered here means : skin, fat, meat, fat, meat ........fat... meat.... but not too thick lahz!!

The look of the raw meat!

2) Wash the piece of meat, scrap the dirt out from the skin using a knife. Ignore the "bulu" as it will melt once you roast it.

3) Wipe the meat dry, dry here means real real real dry. Coat with thick layer of salt, skin, meat, fat, esp the skin.

4) Coat with chinese -five spice powder.

5) Coat with a little bit of pepper. If you want to give it an extra colour, coat with "nan-ru" Red fermented beancurd.

6) Then Coat the SKIN with vineger. SKIN only.

7) Place it uncovered in the fridge and repeat step 6 for at least 6 times.

When the pork is real dry, heat a pan, put some oil and fry the skin only.

Then place it erected ( erected here means skin on top , not laying flat, refer to the picture of the raw meat above) in an oven, roast it for 170 degree for 45 mins/ until the pork is cooked. ( 170 degree is to keep the meat moist) The skin will not give you the "poppy" feeling at first but just be patient.

After the meat is cooked, turn the oven to 220 degrees and "blast" the skin, now the skin should pop like no body business.

Chop and served while hot with rice or with mee.

See... the final product. I chop off the ribs to munch it on later.

Best served with noodles.

A close up of the "popped" skin. See and feel and imagine the bite....Drooling already?


Carol said...

WOW! I think we can think of starting some food business. You'll do the cooking part, i'll do ...the marketing part maybe?!haha.

WenMing said...

babi lar u... u do the cooking, i do the financing...

WenMing said...

The name... Gerai Babi Ming dan Ling????

Carol said...

hahahahaha. damm LALA ok!
Can it be something like, "Ling's Porky Kitch by Ming"!

Draco Argentum said...

.....H1N1 is birds flu.. =_= and the 'bulu' don't melt...aiyai biochem denaturates (its still protein) =_=....and kedai babi ming dan ling.....ROTFLMAO ^_^

Jefnando said...

If you can't ignore the bulu, you can always use your epilator! Wahahaha.

The raw meat reminds me of jessica..

I don't understand why you wanna use ming and ling? usually restaurant names are surnames thus i suggest that both of you use this name for your restaurant:

"Babi Koh restaurant"... wahahah

Draco Argentum said...

'Koh Pig Shop' sounds more like it..or to make it classy abit (just abit) try 'Koh house of pigs' bwahahahahahha

WenMing said...

y Cannot be Koh babi restaurant.
Babi Koh restaurant ........speechless

siangyi said...

wow you'r so geng now..even know how to cook siew yoke..wondering if i have the luck to try next time? hehe